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Sports Cardiology 

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I provide full cardiac assessments for professional athletes in line with the pre-signing medical assessment requirements of professional sports clubs, leagues and associations.   I also provide cardiac assessments and advice for members of the public engaged in recreational sport, to assist them to fulfill their performance aspirations and goals through safe intensification of exercise within their cardiac limits. 
The British Heart Foundation article below (June 2018) provides some further insights into my work. 
Please click here to contact my Private Secretary if you wish to make a referral or arrange a consultation. 
Getting to the Heart of an Athlete
My role as Professor of Inherited Cardiac Disease in sport at St George's University of London involves investigation of the structural and electrical functioning of the heart and how it responds to exercise.  My work focuses on establishing more knowledge about the normal parameters of athletes' hearts to ensure they are not unnecessarily advised to abandon a sporting career.
London 2012 Olympics
My role as lead for the cardiology support team at the GB Olympics involved screening 32 different squads from various sporting disciplines with the aim of identifying irregularities that could lead to sudden cardiac death.  I was also charged with overseeing a team of medics who were on hand throughout the Games to provide cardiac care to athletes and members of the public. 
Sudden Death in Athletes
Sudden Death in Athletes is rare - it affects 1 in 50,000 people. Deaths in young athletes are due to inherited or congenital abnormalities of the heart which can be detected during life and for which several treatments exist to minimise the risk of sudden death. 
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