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A little exercise does you good

25 minute walk could add seven years to your life

Telegraph, reporter Laura Donnelly, 30th August 2015

Brisk daily walks can increase lifespan, research says

Guardian, 30th August 2015

The Secret of a Longer Life: One brisk walk a day can give you an extra seven years

Express online: reporter Mark Reynolds, 31st August 2015

A 20-minute walk a day adds seven years to your life

Lifestyle, Daily Mail, reporter Ben Spencer: 31st August 2015

These boots are made for walking

Hit 107, reporter Carly Heading, 31st August 2015

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BBC Radio 4, Inside Health, Health and Exercise Special

Dr Mark Porter, Prog.1, 12th January 2016

BBC Radio 4, Inside Health:

Dr Mark Porter, Prog.3, 19th July 2016

Cardiac Screening of Young Athletes with Dr Sanjay Sharma

Innovative Therapeutics, Dr. Sarah Grant Alvarado, 29th June 2016

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Sudden Death in Athletes

Cardio Debate: Independent Opinion in Cardiology, 14th February 2016

Could too much exercise damage your heart?

BBC, Trust Me, I'm A Doctor: Presenter Michael Moseley, Series 4, Episode 4:

Endurance Sport and Cardiovascular Health

​SSM Conference 2015 1.7 - British Rowing: 15th June 2015

Cardiac Arrests at Sporting Events

​Royal Geographical Society, Cardiac Arrest Symposium, 11th December 2015

ESC Press Conference 2015: The Heart of a Woman

​Effect of gender and sporting discipline on left ventricular adaptation to exercise

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